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There’s a lot happening in our society right now. We need to support our public safety personnel 100%. All uniformed services- police, fire and paramedics deserve proper equipment, salaries and public support that recognizes their hard work and bravery in protecting us. I’d like to see College Station be known as an excellent destination city to attract and retain the best and brightest in these crucial public safety career fields.


I’m a fiscal conservative. This is not a partisan job, but my conservative principles will guide me. City Hall is in solid fiscal shape, but we need to look closely at cost efficiencies, just as the hard-working men and women of College Station must do in these times. I will never forget that every tax dollar spent comes from the pocket of a hard-working citizen.



My wife and I created not just jobs, but careers with premium benefits, right here in College Station. We know what it takes to succeed and the struggles that taxes and fees and regulatory burdens can impose. I’ll be a champion of business issues so we can grow our business base in College Station and create quality, good paying jobs.



Neighborhood integrity is a passion of mine. As president of my homeowners association we have faced multiple neighborhood integrity challenges and worked collaboratively with City Hall, developers, builders, and other stakeholders to achieve positive outcomes. Neighborhood Integrity is more than a concept for me. I care deeply about preserving our neighborhoods and will work hard at City Hall to protect our quality of life.



I believe it is important for our two cities, which are one community, to work cooperatively with one another. In fact, Brazos County, Texas A&M University and our cities could likely all find ways to improve teamwork on behalf of our citizens.



I will always work in a civil and cooperative manner to ensure common sense solutions are applied to the challenges we face. My broad background as a veteran, an Aggie, a City Hall employee, a CEO and a hospital chairman of the board will serve me well in bringing common sense solutions to council.

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